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Tuesday a.m. stuff

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That was one of those games where, after the top of the 2nd inning, you knew it was going to take something of a miracle for the Rangers to win.  Just an absolutely dominating performance from Scott Kazmir.

Ron Washington was impressed by Kazmir, although Ramon Vazquez says he deserves some blame for blowing the Rangers' chance at a big inning by trying to steal third with one out. 

The Rays have the best mark in the A.L. right now, and the Rangers are a game under .500, but over the last month, the two teams are 1-2 as far as best in record in the league.  

Hank Blalock is heading back to Dallas to get his wrist checked out, and won't be ready to go before Friday.  It sounds like, though, that the Rangers are going to have him go on a rehab assignment once he is ready to go, so he probably won't be activated until next week.