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Monday a.m. stuff

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Here's how I know I'm getting old...I fell asleep during the Stars game last night.  I can't remember the last time I fell asleep during a regular game, much less an overtime elimination playoff game.

At least, when I got up this morning and went to the computer, I saw that the Stars had won.

Rangers lost yesterday, but you have to be encouraged by Scott Feldman's performance.  Evan Grant's game story has some quotes from folks with some love for Feldman.  I've been impressed with how Feldman's looked out there thusfar...the new armslot is working for him.

Jack Benny says he's back on track, after a slow start...the Rangers need him to be solid in the 8th inning, given the shakiness of some other areas of the pen so far this year.  And Ian Kinsler says his hamstrings have been bothering him for about a week, with Ron Washington saying he wanted to give Kinsler a chance to rest them so he can be at full speed and not be hampered by the injury going forward.

Evan Grant suggests that the Rangers 1-5 record against lefties could get Nelson Cruz back to the majors...but I don't really see what you'd do with him.  You've got Bradley, Hamilton, and Murphy, who are seemingly going to play every day, and you've got Marlon Byrd coming back soon, plus Brandon Boggs currently up.  To bring Byrd back and call up Cruz, you'd probably have to axe Ben Broussard and send Brandon Boggs down, but even then, I don't know that there's much playing time available for Cruz.