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Tuesday a.m. stuff

Well, back into last place.  And once again, a finesse lefty makes the Rangers lineup look foolish. 

Evan Grant's game story focuses on the struggles the team has had against lefties, with a 1-6 record against lefthanded starters.  The Rangers have a 702 team OPS against LHPs, versus a 770 OPS against righties.

Jeff Wilson notes that Kevin Millwood set a team record with his 10th consecutive road loss.  Millwood had been pitching well up to this point, but his ERA jumped by over a run in yesterday's game.

Meanwhile, the Denver Post says that the Rockies have inquired about Millwood, but the Rangers aren't going to just give him away.  There's been some talk in the past that maybe the Rangers should just dump Millwood and get out from under his contract, but really, Millwood's deal is pretty reasonable, and it isn't as if the Rangers have lots of other things to spend their money on right now anyway.  I'm fine with moving Millwood if we get a really strong package in return, but I don't see the point in dumping him just to get rid of him.

Regarding the back of the rotation, Kason Gabbard will be activated for Thursday's game and will make the start, with A.J. Murray going down to make room for him.  Scott Feldman will start on Friday.  Luis Mendoza threw off a mound yesterday, will throw again this week, and then will throw a simulated game on Saturday.  If all goes well there, he'll go on a rehab assignment, although if Feldman and Sidney Ponson keep pitching well, Mendoza may just end up activated and optioned.

German Duran has impressed folks with his performance since his call up, and while he's likely going to be sent back down when Hank Blalock is healthy and ready to come off the d.l., it sounds like he's put himself in the mix going forward.

And before we start all of the "get rid of Ramon Vazquez instead," let's remember...the utility infielder on this team is going to play about once a week, unless someone is hurt.  There aren't any DH ABs to spare.  Let Duran play everyday in Oklahoma, instead of bringing him up to sit on the bench.