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OT -- Movie trivia

Okay, we haven't done OT trivia for a while...this is semi-obscure movie character trivia...

I'm going to list the names of various characters in various movies.  You name what movie that character was in.

A hint...these are all movies I like...

1)  Pumpkin Escobar

2)  Edie Finneran

3)  Eddie Dane

4)  Karl Mundt

5)  Radio Raheem

6)  Billy Ray Valentine

7)  Jack Cates

8)  Robert Paulson

9)  Peter Venkman

10)  Jonathon Mardukis

11)  Sam Francisco

12)  Castor Troy

Answers later today...after the jump...

1)  Pumpkin Escobar -- Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. The weed dealer played by Tracy Morgan.

2)  Edie Finneran -- The Usual Suspects. Dean Keaton's girlfriend.

3)  Eddie Dane -- Miller's Crossing. Johnny Casper's right hand man.

4)  Karl Mundt -- Barton Fink. The real name of John Goodman's character.

5)  Radio Raheem -- Do the Right Thing. Bill Nunn's character, who carried a radio everywhere.

6)  Billy Ray Valentine -- Tracing Places. Eddie Murphy's character

7)  Jack Cates -- 48 Hours. The cop played by Nick Nolte.

8)  Robert Paulson -- Fight Club's "Bob."

9)  Peter Venkman -- Ghostbusters. Bill Murray's character.

10)  Jonathon Mardukis -- Midnight Run. Charles Grodin's mob accountant.

11)  Sam Francisco -- Alien Nation. The alien cop played by Mandy Patinkin.

12)  Castor Troy -- Face/Off. The bad guy.