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Wednesday a.m. stuff

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Sidney Ponson was pretty good last night.  He even has a better ERA than Armando Galarraga...can you believe that?

Ponson is the focus of Evan Grant's game story, although he does end up reminding us of how the Rangers were going to give Ponson (and Rich Aurilia) big bucks when it looked like the Rangers were going to trade ARod to the BoSox after the 2003 season.  Bleah.

Grant also indicates Ben Broussard's days may be numbered, with even Ron Washington, Broussard's biggest fan, hedging on his future here.  Jeff Wilson says  Frank Catalanotto is going to get the bulk of the starts at first base against righties, with Chris Shelton playing against lefties.

If you aren't going to play Broussard at first base against RHPs, and you aren't going to use him to pinch hit for someone like Gerald Laird against a RHP late in a game where you are down a run or two, then there's no point in having Broussard on the roster.