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New DMN newsletter up

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Evan Grant has a new DMN newsletter up, with a lot of good stuff this week...

The thing that really jumped out at me, though, was this item on Ben Broussard and Ron Washington:

From the time the Rangers decided to deal Mark Teixeira last summer, Broussard was Ron Washington's choice as a successor. Maybe that's because Broussard made a favorable impression while hitting .282 with four homers against Washington's Oakland team in 71 at-bats over the two years before he was hired to manage the Rangers. Maybe there was something else. Whatever the situation, Washington made a passionate and convincing case to the Rangers to get Broussard over the winter. They complied. You've watched and are well aware of Broussard's problems at the plate and in the field this year.

Now, Broussard and Washington are linked. If the Rangers end up making a managerial change, I wouldn't be surprised if they made two announcements at the same time; the second being designating Broussard for assignment.