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Friday morning things

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Yeah, that was exciting.

Richie Sexson apologized for throwing his helmet, but seems to have an unrealistic idea of Kason Gabbard's command:

"I'm 6-8," Sexson said. "What are we talking about here? We're talking about a guy who can hit the corners at will and all of a sudden he's up around my face?"

If Gabbard could hit the corners at will, he'd have more Ks and fewer walks this season.

Jeff at Lookout Landing says what Sexson did was dumb, and also makes some good observations about how dumb baseball brawls make fans act. 

I know lots of people here got bent out of shape about what some of the M's fans said at Lookout Landing about the fight last night, but before anyone gets too high and mighty, remember how many people thought Frankie Francisco throwing a chair into the stands in Oakland was awesome, how many still defend him for doing it, and remember that the Ranger manager at the time wouldn't even come out and say anything critical about the fact it happened until upper management intervened and told him passive-aggressively endorsing throwing chairs wasn't acceptable.

There's a fair amount of discussion about the fight at BTF.

Anyway, the fight overshadowed what was a damn good game for the Rangers, who now have thrown back-to-back shutouts and crept within 4 games of .500.

Evan Grant quotes Jon Daniels as saying the Dallas Observer blog post that claimed Ron Washington's fate is already decided, and that Nolan is deciding between Mike Hargrove, Don Baylor, Jim Tracy, and Jackie Moore as his replacement, is full of inaccuracies, and that Washington's status won't be reviewed until the All Star Break, at the earliest.