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Sunday morning things

The Rangers enter June 1 game above .500.  Not bad for a team in rebuilding mode, that was largely written off as irrelevant before the season started.

The Rangers won 19 games in May, a record for the month, and the first time the Rangers have won 19 games in a month since 1983.

Anthony Andro has a Q&A with Jon Daniels about this week's draft, and although Daniels deflects a question about Andrew Cashner, he talks about signability issues and Nolan Ryan's involvement in the draft (which, it sounds like, has been minimal).

The Rangers today start a stretch of facing four lefties in the next five games, which means Marlon Byrd and Travis Metcalf are going to be playing more.  Andro says that Byrd will spell Brandon Boggs, which doesn't make a ton of sense to me, given that Boggs hits LHPs better than RHPs.

Gil LeBreton says rumors of the Rangers' demise in April were exaggerated.