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Thursday a.m. things

Not a good game for Vicente Padilla last night -- it was rather reminiscent of quite a few of his outings last season -- but for the second night in a row, the Rangers got to the Royals pen to overcome a 5-1 deficit, and have the chance for a sweep this afternoon.

Evan Grant's game story talks about how the offensive explosion covered for some sloppy play last night.  Then afterwards, Milton Bradley went upstairs to confront a Royals announcer (and was stopped by Ron Washington and Jon Daniels), and afterwards, was apparently rather emotional when talking to the press.

Eddie Guardado is now the 8th inning guy, according to Ron Washington, and Joaquin Benoit is going to be relegated to the 6th/7th inning role.  Also from Washington, Hank Blalock is likely going to be hitting 5th when he returns, with David Murphy moving down to 6th.  Given that neither Blalock nor Murphy hits lefties well, you'd probably rather split them up in the lineup, but  we'll see what happens.

And Tim Cowlishaw has a column up on the debut of Eric Hurley, that focuses at much on the Rangers trading away pitching as it does on Hurley.