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Friday a.m. things

Okay debut for Eric Hurley yesterday.  I didn't get to watch the game, unfortunately, but Hurley threw strikes and didn't walk anyone.  Richard Durrett mentions that allowing 12 flyouts to 3 groundouts is a concern, and I'd agree with that.  Giving up two homers to the worst hitting team in baseball isn't great, either, but all in all, it was a pretty decent debut, it appears.  And if Hurley is the next Rick Helling, a guy who throws strikes and keeps you in games while allowing a bunch of homers, then that is something you can live with.

Kevin Sherrington opines about the latest Milton Bradley incident and Bradley's past, and compares Bradley with Carl Everett, while suggesting the Rangers should trade Bradley for the type of return Everett garnered.

Gil LeBreton is more sympathetic, including a quote from Nolan Ryan about what a great teammate Bradley has been this year.