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Sunday a.m. things

Rainout yesterday means two games today, and not a ton of Ranger news this morning.

Over at the DMN blog, Evan Grant discusses my earlier post about David Murphy starting against Oliver Perez, and offers some things that might have been motivating Ron Washington's decision to go with Murphy, rather than Marlon Byrd or Brandon Boggs.

T.R. Sullivan has some bloggy notes today.  Some interesting thoughts about the catching situation, although the most interesting thing, to me, is him talking about Rudy Jaramillo saying that the addition of Brandon Boggs, and the energy he brings to the team, was a turning point this season for the Rangers.

Tom Hicks' ten year anniversary of owning the Rangers is tomorrow, and Jeff Wilson talks about Hicks' reign.

Evan Grant also has a piece up, discussing the impact -- or lack thereof -- on Mark Teixeira's departure from Texas on their record, and his arrival in Atlanta on the Braves' record.