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Washington on starting Murphy v. Perez

From T.R. Sullivan this morning:

Marlon Byrd, out of the starting lineup for the first two games of the Rangers' series with the Mets, could be back on the field on Sunday at Shea Stadium.

Without the designated hitter, the Rangers had to use Milton Bradley in right field for the first game of the series. Manager Ron Washington is reluctant to use him in both games of the doubleheader.

"I'll probably have Marlon back out there," said Washington, who has been known to change his mind.

He was also second-guessing himself on Saturday for not starting Byrd, a right-handed hitter, on Friday against left-hander Oliver Perez. Washington went with David Murphy, a left-handed hitter, instead. Murphy was 0-for-3 with two strikeouts, including one with the bases loaded, against Murphy.

"Looking back on it you could say that I should have had Marlon in there," Washington said. "I went with my guy and my gut usually doesn't fail me. It failed me there."