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Booing Mark Teixeira

So, unsurprisingly, Mark Teixeira was booed last night, upon his return to Texas.

I say unsurprisingly because it was pretty clear this was going to happen.  If D/FW sports fans are going to boo Michael Finley -- one of the more classless moves I've seen from a fanbase over the years -- after Finley played his ass off for the Mavs for a number of years, while on some not very good teams, and then got waived under the Allan Houston rule, well, of course Teixeira was going to get booed.

Booing Mark Teixeira is dumb, though.

What justification is there for booing him?  Because he's a douche/jerk/prima donna, as has been suggested? 

I don't know about the first two, but Teixeira certainly does strike me as a bit of a prima donna.  Of course, that was the case when he was still here.  I don't know that he's any more of those things that people are now complaining about now that he's wearing an Atlanta uniform than when he was wearing a Rangers uniform.

Because he was critical of the organization, said it was a big market team that acted like a small market team?  He did that while on a rehab assignment with Frisco, then played in 8 more home games before he was traded.  I don't recall anyone booing him then.  If that's the justification for booing him now, then why wait until he's with Atlanta?  Why not let him know how much you think he sucks when he's still with the Rangers?

(And never mind the fact that what he said was something that a lot of fans have been saying for some time, and was something that some Rangers fans supported him for saying, believing he was helping put some pressure on Tom Hicks to man up and act like a big market owner).

Because his agent is Scott Boras?  News flash, folks...if his agent wasn't Boras, and he didn't have big bonus demands, he wouldn't have been there for the Rangers to draft him in 2001.  We'd have gotten Dewon Brazelton or Josh Karp instead.  And if you want to boo him because of who his agent is, you should have been doing that from his first appearance with the Rangers back in 2003.

Because he turned down a huge contract because he wanted to play somewhere else, for more money, rather than go through a rebuilding process here?  Is that justification for deciding you hate a player?  If so, are just as classy as those idiot Seattle fans who threw money at ARod back in 2002, that Rangers fans ridiculed for being so bitter.

I don't get it.  The only difference between Teixeira before and Teixeira now is that he's wearing a different uniform.  If you weren't booing Teixeira when he was a Ranger -- in particular, in that last homestand he was here in 2007 -- there's no reason to be booing him now, other than sour grapes.

Particularly when, at the end of the day, the Rangers are better off as an organization, given where they are and their need to rebuild, having traded Teixeira and gotten Saltalamacchia, Feliz, Harrison, Andrus, and Jones. 

Victor Rojas commented on the telecast that people pay their money and have the right to boo.  I absolutely agree.  You have the right to boo whomever you want at the game, for whatever reason.  Even someone who played hard and well for four and a half seasons, before being dealt for one of the strongest packages of young talent that has been received by any team in a trade for years.

But at the same time, I have the right to think that it is ridiculous and classless, and makes Rangers fans look bad, to do so.