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I saw this item linked at BTF...some highlights:

Now that we're on the topic of baseball, have you seen Josh Hamilton?  

* * *

Why isn't he in prison?

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Well, you see, what makes Josh Hamilton's story so remarkable is that somewhere between receiving a bonus of over $3 million when he was drafted out of high school in 1999 and chasing baseball's triple crown in 2008, Josh and his parents were in a car wreck.  His mom and dad had to go home to Raleigh to heal and Josh was left alone with lots of money, lots of spare time as he recovered from his injuries, and little guidance.  So he started hanging out at tattoo parlors and eventually became addicted to crack. Really.

His poor personal decisions got him banned from baseball and coupled with his injuries took nearly four years of his career and his life.  In one of the stories he tells, he had to borrow $3000 from his father in law to pay a drug dealer.  This is enough money to buy at least 20 grams of crack.  Simple possession of 5 grams of crack cocaine carries a mandatory FEDERAL sentence of 5 years.  So Josh Hamilton should be serving a 20 year prison sentence now instead of telling his victory story of overcoming addiction, finding Christ, and pummeling baseballs.

 So why isn't Josh Hamilton rotting away in prison?

Barack Obama would probably tell you it's because he's white; his preacher certainly would. McCain would probably tell you what a shame it is that Josh waved the "white flag of surrender" and finally gave his problems to God instead of fighting an endless, losing effort on his own while destroying all good will he had built up over the years.  And what would some kook like Ron Paul likely tell you?  Josh's decision to use drugs should have never put him in prison to begin with, especially a federal prison.  But what's the real reason Josh Hamilton isn't in prison?  Because he didn't get caught.