Instant replay in baseball

    First off, I'd like to say that in baseball there are quite a few more judgement calls then there are in football, and since football is going to be the comparison for this. For example, it is clear to see weither or not someones knee hit the ground. now determing wether a ball that appears as a blur in slow motion was inside, on, or outside an arbitrary, imaginary line is not so clear.

so this is kinda like comparing apples and oranges.

but whatever, here it goes.

    I dont think instant replay should used at any level of baseball because although it has been proven to get calls right in other sports, many times there is still arguments about wether the right call was made even after replay. For me (an avid red raider) the most recent TTU, UT football game comes to mind. In that game i think there where Three different stoppages in play for instant replay. many of them debatable even after the call.

    It also slows down the game considerably. Even though TV timers may not say so, the pace and is noticably different. As much as i love baseball, it does not need to be slowed down at all. In many instances instant replay takes the crowd out of the game. and serves as a free timeout for the coaches. For example, and this is seen more often then not. A player makes an amazing catch in the back of the endzone/ interception/ firstdown. the crowd goes wild and momentum is on the side of whichever team. the opposing coach can challenge the call, or the booth can challenge it. whether or not its upheld, the crowd is taken out of the game and each side has to stop and collect themselves, for better or worse. Which is exactly why i dont want it used in baseball.

    I cant imagine that after ever arguable ball and strike (which is about 70% of them) the game stops for two minutes and its watched and reviewed.

so those are my reasons.

i encourage your feedback and love a good argument