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Thursday a.m. stuff

The 9th inning meltdown by our closer was a bad thing.  But scoring only 2 runs, at home, against Jo Jo Reyes is a bad thing, as well.  Pretty much everything from last night's game that didn't involve Eric Hurley was not good.

Hurley threw more pitches per inning than you'd like to see, but generally, he threw strikes, showed good movement on his fastball, and looked like a solid major league starter.  I've invoked this comparison a couple of times in the game day threads, but Hurley really looks, to me, a lot like Rick Helling...a strike thrower who works up in the zone, who will give up some homers, and whose fastball doesn't clock in in the upper 90s but does have good movement to it. 

Given how anticipated Hurley has been, I fear that folks would be disappointed if he's the next Rick Helling, but realistically, that would be a win from a player development standpoint.

C.J. Wilson said the errant throw in the 9th was his fault...Gerald Laird called him off, but he took it anyway, and ended up setting up the winning inning for the Braves.

Joaquin Benoit hopes to be able to pitch this weekend.  He's been out for 11 days, with the Rangers effectively going a man short during that period.