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On C.J. and closing

So...the inevitable "should C.J. still be closing" discussion has started up, in the wake of his recent struggles.

My thought on this?

If your first priority this season is to win ballgames, you might want to consider a change (although I don't know that there's necessarily an obvious better option right now).

If your first priority this season is to develop your young players and figure out who you can count on going forward, you absolutely do not pull him from the closer's role, unless you feel like he's mentality at a point where his confidence is shot and he can't mentality handle it any more.

Pitchers struggle.  Closers sometimes struggle.  They sometimes go through bad streaks and blow games.

C.J. Wilson has been closing for this team for less than a season.  He's having a bad stretch right now.  But I'd just as soon see the Rangers leave him in there and try to ride it out.

Either he'll continue to flame out, at which point you pull him back and limit him to a setup role.  Or he'll get back on track, and (under the "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" theory) will be better for the experience.

But you are better off knowing one way or the other.