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Monday morning stuff

I'm still irritated by last night's game.  That should have been a sweep.  And the bullpen now has a 5.02 ERA on the year, which is not okay. 

Eddie Sefko's game story has this on the pulling of Scott Feldman:

Had it not been a 90-some-degree day with hot breezes blowing, starter Scott Feldman might have been able to continue past six innings. He'd thrown only 85 pitches.

"He put up a zero in the sixth and kind of got his stuff back," catcher Gerald Laird said. "I didn't think he was out of gas."

But Washington did. When asked if he considered sticking with Feldman for the seventh inning after the Rangers scored five in the sixth, he said: "You must have been in the air-conditioning. He worked hard on those 85 pitches. He just went as far as we thought he could go."

Having thought about it, I think Feldman getting pulled is a matter of trust.  Washington doesn't trust Feldman to go past six.  He does trust the bullpen, and specifically, Jamey Wright.  So he went with the guy he was more comfortable with.

I didn't see anything this morning, though, explaining why Washington went with Robinson Tejeda in the 7th.

Vicente Padilla isn't starting today, as he went to Nicaragua to deal with a family situation.  Doug Mathis will get the start instead, and if Padilla can't go on Tuesday, it sounds like he'll go to the bereavement list, with A.J. Murray getting the start in his stead.

Jean-Jacques Taylor writes about Katie Hamilton and her role in helping Josh Hamilton make it back.

Anthony Andro takes a look at various Rangers' intro music, including Gerald Laird's song selection, which has caused a certain amount of irritation with some folks.