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Saturday morning things


Gerald Laird is heading for the disabled list with a badly strained hamstring.

This bums me out. 

I think most folks here know how I feel about Laird, who I think was jerked around a little by the organization earlier in his career.  The whole baseball credo that you don't lose your starting job because of an injury didn't apply to Laird, who won the starting catcher's job in 2004 and was playing well before spraining his thumb on a tag at the plate.  He came back before he was 100% healthy because the team needed someone besides Rod Barajas who could catch down the stretch, and was rewarded by the team signing Sandy Alomar, Jr., that offseason and declaring before spring training even started that Laird would spend 2005 in the minors.

And now, after a very solid first half of the season, he's headed to the d.l. for at least a month.  That sucks.

Max Ramirez is getting the call up, which surprises me.  I thought the Rangers would most likely find a veteran backup off the street, and if they didn't do that, would call up Taylor Teagarden.  But Teagarden apparently is dealing with some health issues, and Ramirez is already on the 40 man roster, so Ramirez gets the call.  I am interested in seeing how they use him going forward...there aren't a ton of DH ABs available right now, although when Hank Blalock returns (and he starts a rehab assignment today at Oklahoma), Ramirez could end up playing first base against lefties.

Ron Washington says C.J. Wilson is still the closer "for now," which suggests the leash is pretty short.  Washington says Wilson has to throw more strikes and stop running up his pitch counts.

Oh, yeah, the Rangers played yesterday.  They lost. 

Jamey Wright threw for the fourth consecutive day, and not surprisingly, wasn't good.  The decision to bring in Wright baffles me...he's pitched four days in a row, and at the time he was brought in, Washington knew the Rangers were going to have to pitch 2 more innings (at least) if they were going to win.  I can't imagine he was going to leave Wright in there for more than an why bring him in then? 

Why not use the more fresh Luis Mendoza, who can log multiple innings, and who presumably would be coming in in the next inning anyway?

Another baffling bullpen move...