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Sunday morning stuff

And...back to .500.  Once again. 

Evan Grant's game story focuses on Michael Young heating up, and notes that he seems to get going around his son's birthday.  And last night's game was sort of a reversal of what we've seen lately, with the Rangers starter being shaky, but the bullpen coming in and shutting down the opposition.  Luis Mendoza's outing, in particular, was very encouraging, after his rough start to the season.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia is the starting catcher while Gerald Laird is out, but Salty says he anticipates the team will go back to having Laird and Salty split time when Laird returns. 

Randy Galloway walks through the guys the Rangers will look at trading next month, with the most interesting prediction being that the Rangers will sign Milton Bradley to an extension rather than deal him.