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Wednesday morning stuff

Bah.  Back to .500, yet again.  You know, I'm starting to think...maybe this is a .500 team?  That would certainly explain why the team is hovering around the .500 mark.

Evan Grant says Joaquin Benoit is a mess.  He has almost as many walks so far this year as he did all last year, as he's been unable to command his fastball, and there continue to be questions about whether he's healthy.

Benoit's latest bad outing overshadowed Eric Hurley's 6 inning, 2 run stint, although he walked 3 batters and only struck out 1.  Still, Hurley has come out and been impressive in his first few major league starts, and you have to be encouraged by what he's shown thusfar.

Josh Hamilton's knee is hurting, and he's day-to-day, and presumably will be out today.  The Rangers are already short-handed in the bullpen, with Jamey Wright having left the team to join his wife, who is in labor.