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Thursday a.m. things

So, yeah, I was planning on doing a post this morning, weighing the pros and cons of calling up Christopher Davis, with Hank Blalock being out a couple more weeks, and trying to figure out what the Rangers would do.

That appears to be moot now.  Evan Grant says Jon Daniels has confirmed Chris Davis will be with the team tonight.

The original plan was for Max Ramirez to play first base tonight.  After a game where he had his first major league hit and first major league homer, it would be tough to not play him today, and the Astros are starting lefty Wandy Rodriguez, so I'm assuming Davis will make his Ranger debut at home tomorrow against the Phillies.

I'm fired up.  I'm hard-pressed to think of a Ranger prospect in recent years whose debut I've more looked forward to.  Well, other than maybe Eric Hurley, who debuted a few weeks ago.  And Maximus's debut, earlier this week, is up there, too.

Mad Max and Luis Mendoza were the stories yesterday, with Max providing a two run homer that was the difference in the game, and Mendoza giving the Rangers three strong innings after Scott Feldman was pulled after 4 innings (and 99 pitches).

Mendoza looks like a different pitcher than the one who was struggling earlier this year with shoulder problems, and gives you a glimpse of what the Rangers like so much about him.  It will be interesting to see if he stays in a long/middle relief role, or if he gets more of a look in the 7th and 8th innings.

In some other promotions that would normally be big news, but are sort of under the radar because of the Christopher Davis news, Jose Vallejo and Ian Gac are among the minor leaguers getting promoted, with Vallejo going to Frisco and Gac going to Bakersfield.  Gac, I think folks know about, but Vallejo has quietly had a real, real nice season for Bakersfield, and is only 21 years old.

Joaquin Benoit's comments make it sound like he's still not fully healthy, which makes me wonder why he isn't heading for the d.l.