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Saturday morning things

Some good things from yesterday's game, including Chris Davis's first major league home run and another solid performance from the bullpen.  But Kason Gabbard had no command once again, and now on the year has 39 walks against 33 strikeouts, a ratio that is simply untenable.  With Luis Mendoza having been brought back up to the majors and pitched well, I have to wonder if Gabbard isn't close to being bounced from the rotation again.

Jean-Jacques Taylor says Gabbard should be demoted, and Mendoza should take his place.  Anthony Andro notes that Gabbard pitched like he did before he got sent down, throwing 84 pitches, and only 39 of those for strikes.

Richard Durrett's game story is all about Chris Davis, with Durrett suggesting that Ron Washington's proclamation that Davis will get sent down as soon as Hank Blalock is ready may not be quite as definitive as it sounded.

Hank Blalock has had another setback.  He hit in the cages before yesterday's game, experienced pain in the wrist, and has been instructed not to pick up a bat again for a week.