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Dueling McCarthy stories

So, there was the story in this morning's S-T about Brandon McCarthy having a setback and not pitching off the mound in Arizona anymore.

A couple of folks at the NMLR boards said that, no, McCarthy threw off the mound today.

Evan Grant said that there's no setback in a blog entry today.

There apparently is a very vigorous conversation going on . . . about Brandon McCarthy having another setback after we had reported earlier in the week that he had starting throwing off a mound again earlier this week.

No truth to any setback rumors. Here's the full text of the email I received from one Jon Daniels explaining McCarthy's current situation:

No setback on McCarthy - he threw yesterday & is throwing off mound again today. Including breaking balls now.

Story closed, it would seem.

But then, the author of the original story made this blog post this afternoon:

I received an email from an LBOHer that there is confusion in some parts about Rangers pitcher Brandon McCarthy.


Why I have no idea.

It is pretty straight forward. He finally had been pitching from the mound in Arizona. He had soreness, thus leading to him being taken off the mound and throwing from 100 feet. I know this because, well, I asked the manager Ron Washington about McCarthy before Friday's game and, since the report he gets daily on such things was right in front of him, he read it to me. It was a setback.

I, of course, later asked JD who acknowledged McCarthy being taken off the mound but quickly noted that he thought it would be very short. Of course, a few people have a vested interest in selling that McCarthy is very close and Wash is not one of them. Oh yeah, they also tried to sell that McCarthy's elbow soreness back in spring training was minor and we are now almost at July.

So, there you go...we have the Rangers beat reporter for the DMN quoting Jon Daniels as saying that there is no setback, and an S-T columnist saying that Daniels says that McCarthy is being taken off the mound, while implying that Daniels is disseminatingdissembling on McCarthy because he has a "vested interest" in making it appear that McCarthy will be back soon.