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Sunday morning things

The season is now more than half over.  The Rangers have played 82 games, have 80 to go.  And are, once again, sitting at .500.

Not a good outing yesterday from Vicente Padilla, who saw his ERA move up above 4.00.  But the Rangers still had the opportunity to win...Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Josh Hamilton, and Milton Bradley all batted in the final two innings as the go-ahead runs, and all three guys struck out. 

Richard Durrett talks about Josh Hamilton's recent struggles, with Ron Washington saying that Hamilton is tired right now.  Given Hamilton's injury history and the fact that he hasn't played a full season since back when ARod was still a Ranger, the Rangers might want to start giving him more days off, although it appears Washington's only concession to this is having Hamilton play right field instead of center lately.

Meanwhile, the S-T is continuing their "Daniels Must Go" campaign.  If you recall, last year, the theme was that Ron Washington was incompetent, in over his head, screwing things up, and needed to be run, it seems, the S-T's meme is that Ron Washington is a good baseball man who is hamstrung by being Daniels' puppet, and that it is a minor miracle that the team is playing well with the "grab-butt" collection of talent the front office has foisted upon Washington.  The only hope, it seems, is that Nolan Ryan will send some high heat at these snot-nosed kids in the front office and put some real baseball people in charge to save the day.

We had the JFE column yesterday, in which she flat proclaimed that trading Vicente Padilla would be "stupid" (knowing full well that Padilla is one of the guys who will be -- and, I think, should be -- most aggressively shopped come the trade deadline), and then putting up a blog entry where she implied that Daniels is lying about Brandon McCarthy's status in an effort to save face.

Now we have Randy Galloway checking in today.  He is leaving on vacation, he says, but before he does, he pens this missive complaining about the Rangers handling of Chris Davis, Max Ramirez, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and Brandon Boggs, reiterating the Washington-as-Daniels-puppet theory (and thus absolving Washington from any blame for how playing time is being allocated), and asking Nolan to step in and keep "Jon Boy" from screwing up the franchise any further.

So there you go.