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The Ortiz situation

From Will Carroll, the BoSox look like they have a problem, vis-a-vis their DH:

Reports from Boston are that Ortiz’s wrist injury is far more serious than originally thought. Images showed a torn ligament and will be casted. Early word is that he’ll miss at least a month and that surgery is “50/50″ at this stage. Rest could help or could do nothing. If you want to see a Red Sox fan throw himself off a roof, remind him that this could be a similar situation to Nomar Garciaparra’s back in 2001. More in tomorrow’s UTK.

So...what does this mean?  Short-term, probably nothing...I'd imagine that the BoSox will, for the time being, roll with a Coco Crisp/Jacoby Ellsbury/J.D. Drew outfield, which would be one of the best defensive outfielders in baseball, with Manny going to DH.

If, however, Ortiz is going to miss significant time, or be out for the year, this could open up some trade possibilities.  Particularly factoring in other Red Sox Peter Gammons explains:

The Red Sox have been looking to find a young catcher for years, as Jason Varitek approaches free agency at the end of the season. Thus far, they haven't found an everyday, long-term possibility. And they have no sure projection picking 30th in Thursday's draft.

So...if it turns out Ortiz is done for the year, do the Rangers talk to Boston about a Milton Bradley/Taylor Teagarden package?  Boston has had interest in Jarrod Saltalamacchia in the past, but they put a premium on catching defense, which would seem to make Teagarden a better fit for them.  And Bradley fits perfectly with their offensive scheme.

Something to think about...