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Back to .500. 

zywica is blogging tomorrow, and then Thursday is draft day.

I'll go on record now and predict the Rangers take Christian Friedrich.

I also think there will be at least two pitchers brought up for tomorrow's game.  Murray is clearly headed to the d.l., given that the Rangers are saying that he's got to rest the shoulder for 7-10 days and then they'll see where he is, and I think you could see Rupe optioned or Wright sent to the d.l., as well.

Kam Loe could be brought up if someone is d.l.'d.  Wes Littleton pitched today, but only threw 8 pitches, so he's a possibility.  Warner Madrigal is also an option, although he's less of a long man and more of a Frankie Francisco-type short-stint fireman.

The other guy who I think could be an out-of-the-blue call-up is Brian Gordon.  He's a journeyman, turns 30 in August, isn't a prospect, but he's a guy who has not allowed an earned run in 18 2/3 IP for Frisco this year, and hasn't pitched for a couple of days.  With the 40 man roster having a slot open, you could call him up, stick him in the pen, and use him as your emergency, "you are going 4 innings no matter how many pitches or how many runs" guy for a couple of days, and then waive him once Padilla is ready to be brought back from the bereavement list.

There's also a new DMN newsletter up, with Evan Grant addressing the "who is really running the draft, Daniels or Ryan" issue that we've been kicking around, among other things.  Check it out.