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Wednesday morning things

The win last night avoided a mini-crisis with the bullpen struggles, but the next few days are going to be a struggle, with the shape the pen is in and the opposing starters on the horizon. Plus there's Sidney Ponson starting on short rest today, as Mike Heika chronicles (Heika is blogging up a storm , btw).

Hank Blalock was on the field yesterday, but he's still a ways off.

The Star Telegram profiles possible first round pick Andrew Cashner . I can't get excited about Cashner at #11, and most rankings have him in the 20's. Someone enticing seems to fall to the Rangers in most mock drafts, so it will be interesting to see whether an Eric Hosmer or Aaron Crow or Brian Matusz does somehow slide to eleven and whether the Rangers are up to the challenge of that player's contract demands.