OT: your first job

Around four o'clock I began my first day at subway. It is my first job and I'm really excited. I turned 16 about two weeks ago and immediately began looking for work over the summer. Its my first job and everyone seems to be giving me advice, from parents to siblings, to teachers. since most people on this site are in there 20's or older i assume that most people have had a job before. So this OT post is just an open thread to talk about first job's and maybe share stories, things like that. I actually really enjoyed it, the people i work with are really nice and colorful.

My first sandwich order did not go over so well.

An older Gentlemen order a meatball sub, toasted, so i cut the bread and inserted the allotted amount of meatballs, put it in the toaster (which gets about 1500 degrees). but i forgot that the sandwich would be very hot coming out of the toaster so i just tried to grab it free hand. and ended up spilling it on the floor. meatballs, marinara, and all. The manager just laughed it off and i got the mop while he handled the rest of the order.


so if anyone reading this lives in austin. I work at the subway on bee caves in westlake. mostly at night and on saturdays. come in with some rangers gear and ill probably start up a conversation.

P.S. mention that your a LSB fan and ill give a free sandwich (unless the store owner is there, of course)

Also congrats to Justin Smoak, Barack Obama, and any recent graduates