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Friday a.m. stuff

There is praise for Kevin Millwood today, as the Rangers finally had a starting pitcher go out in the ugly wind conditions at TBIA and give the Rangers some quality innings.  After a difficult first, Millwood shut the Indians out over the next 5, and gave the team a chance to come back and get back to .500 on the season. 

Tim Cowlishaw talks about Milton Bradley's all-star caliber 2008 campaign, noting that, in spring training, he would have had Ben Broussard as more likely to be one of the guys the Rangers were promoting for the All Star team than Broussard.

Ron Hopkins is trying to temper the comparisons of first rounder Justin Smoak to Mark Teixeira and Chipper Jones, saying it isn't fair to Smoak to be setting that sort of bar for him.  Still, given the scouting reports and Smoak being a switch hitter, the comparison seem inevitable.

Jeff Wilson says that, late last season, Ron Washington planned on having Marlon Byrd as his cleanup hitter in 2008, but Byrd is now fighting for the 4th outfielder slot, and isn't exactly thrilled about it.

Randy Galloway likes the Rangers offense, and his column is another love letter to Rudy Jaramillo.  This seems to be a regular theme from Galloway...if the offense isn't producing, it is management's fault for not getting good enough players in here, and if the offense is producing, the credit goes to Rudy, for doing such a great job with the not good enough players management has brought in.