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Some details on Ponson

T.R. Sullivan with some details:

Daniels declined to discuss the specifics and Ponson was unavailable for comment, but team sources said Ponson was put on notice after creating a serious disturbance at the hotel bar in St. Petersburg during the team's last road trip. He was told that further problems would not be tolerated.

Two more incidents occurred this week. Ponson started with three days' rest on Wednesday against the Indians and allowed six runs in four innings. Only two were earned because of three errors committed behind him, and Ponson reacted furiously after being taken out. His actions were interpreted as "showing up" his teammates.

The second incident occurred when manager Ron Washington informed Ponson on Thursday that he would be pushed back in his next start so that Kevin Millwood could start Tuesday on his regular four days' rest. Ponson would have pitched on Wednesday on six days' rest. Ponson wasn't happy with that decision and made his feelings clear in a heated discussion with the manager.

That led the Rangers to the decision to drop Ponson before Friday's game with the Rays.