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Saturday a.m. things

A lot of excitement yesterday.  And the Rangers, of course, are back to a game below .500.

Evan Grant talks about the struggles of the bullpen, with last night being the latest instance.  On the weird pitchout where B.J. Upton successfully stole second, Tejeda apparently threw a changeup, instead of a fastball, which harkens back to the game in spring training where he gave up a game-winning hit and then didn't realize that the game was over.

Tejeda and Loe both got roughed up yesterday, although Loe, at least, has been throwing strikes.  Tejeda has 5 walks and struck out only two guys since his callup.

Michael Young has a break in the tip of his left ring finger, but he's apparently going to be able to play with the problem, and is supposed to be back in the lineup tonight.  German Duran is eligible to be recalled on Sunday, and I would guess that he'll be brought back then, with the Lizard being sent back to AAA.

With Sidney Ponson being let go, the Rangers have a hole in the rotation that needs to be filled, and Grant says that Eric Hurley, Matt Harrison, Kason Gabbard, and Luis Mendoza are the candidates.  I don't have a real strong feeling one way or the other about which of those four guys should get the call. 

Jim Reeves says Ponson is gone because Nolan Ryan is in charge and doesn't tolerate nonsense.