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Sunday a.m. stuff

Solid start by Scott Feldman, followed up by another bad outing from the bullpen. 

Evan Grant has some gory details of the pen's failures:

With the three runs allowed, the relief ERA shot up to 5.45. It is the worst in the majors by more than half a run. In May, when the Rangers went 19-9, the relief ERA was 2.64. For the first week of June: 10.93. It was 6.91 during the Rangers' awful April.

I don't even know what to say about the bullpen at this point. 

Michael Young left yesterday's game with a tight groin, and German Duran is supposed to be called up today so the Rangers have an actual backup infielder.  Josh Hamilton is likely to sit today, as well, with a viral infection.  Grant also mentions in the notes that the replacement for Sidney Ponson will be either Eric Hurley or Kason Gabbard, with Hurley impressing with a solid outing last night.

Doug Mathis has made some mechanical adjustments that he thinks will help him keep the ball down better when he starts today.