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Monday morning things

The game story in the DMN focuses on Doug Mathis, who threw five shutout innings yesterday before allowing a 2 run homer with one out in the sixth and getting lifted.

Although the end result was satisfactory, I was underwhelmed with yesterday's performance from Mathis...11 flyball outs to just 1 groundball out, and only one strikeout, plus some issues throwing strikes, isn't what you want to see.  However, with the rotation situation the way it is right now, this has probably bought him another 2-3 starts, at least...

Gil Lebreton thinks Mathis has earned another start, although he doesn't seem optimistic about the Rangers' chances with him out there.

Tim Cowlishaw has a column up on the bullpen failures during this homestand, which have kept the Rangers from getting securely over .500.

Jose de Jesus Ortiz says that some of the Astros players are lobbying for Houston to acquire Sidney Ponson.