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Heyman on Nolan and pitch counts

Jon Heyman's latest notes column has some discussion of Nolan Ryan and his impact on the minor league pitching philosophy of the Rangers:

Ryan is said to be taking a very active role in his new position as Rangers club president, and sources indicate that he spoke to the pitchers throughout Texas' minor league system in an effort to re-emphasize the goal of throwing complete games. Ryan wants things back the way they were when men were men and pitchers finished what they started.

In today's game that's revolutionary talk. Rangers officials say they are very cognizant of Ryan's desires. But they also won't take chances with anyone's arm and will set complete games as a goal only for those pitchers that may be able to handle it. Rangers executives remain mindful that Ryan himself was a "freak of nature,'' and all in all are making sure "not to do anything crazy.''

Complete games are a noble goal. But the guess here is that their time may be gone. Too bad.

So.  I'm not exactly sure what that means.

Anyway...also of note in the column is Jamie Moyer's all-time favorite teammates team, which includes former Rangers teammates Nolan, Buddy Bell, and Gary Pettis.