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LSB Around the Horn

Despite the fracas where Jeff at LookoutLanding called all LSBers douchebags, I still find myself frequently perusing through his site because it's one of the better written SBN sites out there.  Last weekend, he posted this game recap, where he recounts his experience taking on a Padres mascot at Petco Field.  So there you have it, Jeff is the Randall Simon of bloggers.

Jeff also had a nice eulogy of John McLaren's short, unhappy tenure as manager of the Mariners.  That's a problem we didn't have when Buck was fired, because by all accounts he was an overbearing jackass, and he had a mullet.

Remember how Willie Mays Hayes had game-changing speed?  He needed to hit the ball on the ground and leg out the ball?  Peter Bendix at BeyondtheBoxscore posts some interesting numbers regarding fast players and speed generating more hits.  It would be interesting to see how this data compares with errors committed by opposing teams, since the corollary would be that fast players would force errors, and that wouldn't show up in the BA data.