Mariners release Sexson

Just saw the story on mlb's website


The three-plus season relationship ended late Wednesday night inside a hotel room in San Francisco...

The time had come when it just didn't seem like it was going to happen here for Richie

It's crazy to think of richie sexson being washed up. I can still remember that All- Star game in milwakee when he was one of the special young players in that game. Still, the fact that it took seattle three years to come to that point is pretty astounding. He has just been amazingly medicore the past couple years. but it seems like this year the wheels just fell off for a "once good player"

at the seattle times there is a piece up which goes into more details about his departure. apparently there was something of a rift between him and interim manager jim riggleman.



i think it would be funny to see the rangers pick him up just to see what would happen, maybe a lord of the flies thing would go down and piggy (laird) would be killed in the end. thus meaning the end of civilized humanity