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The Mark Teixeira asking price

From Jayson Stark:

The sad part is Teixeira is a guy [the Braves would] love to keep, and Teixeira never acts like a player who wants to leave. But Scott Boras has already sent signals that the free-agent asking price on Teixeira this winter will start at $23 million a year (theoretically for eight to 10 years). So the Braves know the one thing certain about Teixeira's trip through free agency is that it won't end with a return to Atlanta. Which will only make them more prone to hit the "ejector" button in this month if they think they can't win.

I like Mark Teixeira.  I think he's a very good player...probably not great, but on that very good/great cusp.

But...$23 million a year for 8-10 years?  Really?

I can't see even the Yanks or Orioles doing that.