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Monday a.m. stuff

You know, I keep hoping that, one of these days, the Rangers will get out to a big lead and not end up making it interesting at the end.  A win is a win but, geez...

C.J. Wilson said Ozzie Guillen was taunting him from the dugout in the 9th, which inspired him to crank it up and get out of the 9th.

I'm not pushing the panic button on Wilson yet -- I'd keep rolling with him as the closer, although part of the reason, I will admit, is that I don't think there are any better long-term options on the Rangers right now.  But I also don't buy into the "it doesn't matter as long as he converts saves" argument, either...he's dodged some bullets this year, but he's not going to be able to keep pitching like he has in the first half of the season and have long-term success. 

Scott Feldman will not make a start in the minors over the break, as had been speculated.  It is still up in the air whether he'll be in the rotation or the bullpen when he is activated after the break.

Gil Lebreton says this isn't a playoff team, because the pitching isn't good enough.