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Josh Hamilton and Fun With Numbers

So, I subscribed to Bill James' online site recently.  Mainly because it is just $9 per quarter, and it allows me access to the Dewan +/- fielding numbers, which I think are considered pretty close to the gold standard in terms of fielding stats.

Anyway, there's a lot of other cool things in there, one of them being a detailed breakdown of RBIs and runs scored.  This falls in the category of Jayson Stark/Norm Hitzges stats...stuff that doesn't necessarily mean anything, but can be interesting to look at.

So I was looking at Josh Hamilton's RBI breakdown, which I found pretty fascinating...he has 95 RBIs, with 76 of those coming from driving in Ian Kinsler, Michael Young, or himself.  He's driven in Kinsler 31 times, which I'd guess is probably the highest for any pair of players in the league.

There are seven other players who have been driven in by Hamilton this season, all of whom are in single digits in terms of the number of times Hamilton has driven them in. 

Can anyone of you guess (without looking it up, dammit) who those seven are?

And as a bonus question...three Rangers have been driven in just one time by Hamilton?  Can you name those three?

Answers later this afternoon...

UPDATE -- Answers after the jump:

From the Bill James website...the players Hamilton has driven in, with the number of times:

Ben Broussard
Frank Catalanotto
German Duran
Ian Kinsler 31 
Gerald Laird
Jarrod Saltalamacchia
Chris Shelton
Ramon Vazquez
Michael Young 24 
His Own Bad Self 21