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Wednesday a.m. things

The A.L. wins again.  Yay?

I, personally, was rooting for another tie.  But you know, the whole all star game is typical MLB halfassery.  They do the "this time, it counts" stuff to try to inject some meaning into an exhibition game, but then the managers continue to act like it is a Little League contest where they have to try to squeeze everyone into the game.  If, in fact, "this time, it counts," we shouldn't be having the mass substitutions and every pitcher rolled out for one inning. 

And at one point, when it looked like we might run out of pitchers, Tim McCarver suggested that we needed to expand the rosters (again).  But that's not going to do any good when the managers have the Little League mentality where they feel like they have to get everyone in the game, with a pitcher or two saved in case it goes to extra innings.

Jeff Wilson has some notes up...of particular interest is that Taylor Teagarden is a candidate for the U.S. Olympic team.  Jon Daniels said the Rangers have given permission for Teagarden to play if Team USA selects him.  A nice side effect of this would be to allow either Max Ramirez or Jarrod Saltalamacchia to play everyday at AAA, when Gerald Laird returns.

He also has some comments from Adrian Gonzalez, who said he wanted to be traded from Texas, and being dealt to the Padres was the best thing for his career.

Wilson also writes on Josh Hamilton being embraced by the New York fans...