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Taylor Teagarden an Olympian

The USA Olympic baseball roster has been released, and Ranger catching prospect Taylor Teagarden is among those named to the team.  Teagarden is one of two catchers on the roster, with Lou Marson joining him.

Before people start freaking out about how bad it is for a prospect to be yanked over to China in the middle of the season, be aware that A's prospects Brett Anderson and Trevor Cahill -- two of their most highly regarded pitchers -- are also on the team.

I think this is something that could end up working to the Rangers' advantage, since Teagarden will presumably leave Oklahoma around the time Gerald Laird is ready to return, freeing up a spot in AAA for Jarrod Saltalamacchia or Max Ramirez.

Congratulations to Taylor, who hopefully will represent the U.S. -- and the Rangers -- well in Beijing.