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Rob Neyer luvs him some Chris Davis

From Rob Neyer today:

Hank Blalock, who moved to first base earlier this season because he wasn't much of a third baseman, is moving back to third base. But it's the right move, even though his replacement, Ramon Vazquez, has been a wonderful surprise. Why is it the right move? Because Vazquez isn't really this good, and Blalock's bat is too good to leave on the bench. But mostly because first base is now occupied by the best hitter nobody's talking about: Chris Davis. Last winter I worked up lists of the best players of the next five years at each position. Then, I'd never heard of Chris Davis. I suppose this was an oversight, as Davis was then listed as the Rangers' No. 2 prospect, but on the other hand he did strike out 150 times in 129 minor-league games last season. Now, though? He's still striking out, but not as often. And the guy's power is off the %@#& charts: 13 homers in Double-A, 10 homers in Triple-A, and now six homers in 17 games with the big club. Oh, and he turned 22 just last spring. This season his combined slugging percentage is .645. Can you find a better 22-year-old hitter in the game right now? Anyone?