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Rangers draftee news

From Kevin Goldstein:

Already packed with one of the best systems in baseball, the Rangers rarely shy away from writing big checks at the signing deadline, and this year looks to be no different. While figuring out the value of first-round pick Justin Smoak might still take some time, the Rangers look like they've already come to terms with second-round pick Robbie Ross for a seven-figure bonus. A three-pitch left-hander with above-average stuff, Ross will simply add to what's becoming an organizational embarrassment of riches when it comes to young arms. They're also close to spending big money on seventh-round selection Matt Thompson, a Dallas-area right-hander who will get well over a half-million to go pro. Another player the Rangers will go over slot on is fifth-round pick Clark Murphy; the California high school first baseman has monstrous raw power and will sign for third-round money in the $350,000 range.


UPDATE --Via Grant on the DMN blog, Jon Daniels calls Goldstein's report "inaccurate," that the Rangers are working on reaching agreements with these guys, but don't have anything to report yet.