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Saturday morning things

That kind of sucked.  Particularly after waiting 5 days for Rangers baseball to resume.

Texas is now 8.5 games out of first place.  That's farther out of first than the Braves were on July 19, 1993, farther out of first than the M's were on July 19, 1995, and farther out of first than either the Phillies or Rockies were last year.

So...if the Rangers are going to pass the Angels, they'll have to pull off one of the greatest comebacks of all time.  Another reason they should be looking at being sellers over the next couple of weeks.

Evan Grant says that yesterday's game highlighted the Rangers' weaknesses right now -- no shutdown starter, a worn out bullpen, and a lineup that doesn't hit lefties well.  Kevin Millwood was definitely disappointing last night, although he and Wright weren't generally hit real hard...but that 2 out, 0-2 pitch to Brendan Harris that he left out over the plate, that Harris drove to right for a 2 run single, seemed typical of the team's struggles yesterday.

Ramon Vazquez went to Jon Daniels to tell him that he's unhappy about the loss of playing time that is ensuing, with Hank Blalock returning to third base.  I have to wonder if, with Vazquez wanting more playing time and the Dodgers needing a stop gap shortstop with Rafael Furcal out, the Rangers might not look at trying to deal Vazquez to the Dodgers, and go with Ryan Roberts as the utility man.

Kason Gabbard is out for the year, after undergoing surgery for elbow spurs.  Given his injury history, it isn't shocking that he's out, and I don't know that he's someone the team should really be counting on going forward.

Ozzie Guillen ranted yesterday about C.J. Wilson being unprofessional.  Pot, kettle...