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Bedard out until August

More bad news for our friends in Seattle...Erik Bedard's shoulder tightness will keep him out until August...

That means he can't be traded before the non-waiver trade deadline of July 31, and given that someone will put in a waiver claim on him after July 31, it means that the M's are probably going to have to wait until the offseason to try to get some value back for the guy they sold the farm to obtain just months ago.

There was also a fair amount of talk this offseason about how Bedard was a proven ace, and that the Rangers needed to be willing to pay top dollar to try to acquire him from the Orioles...

This season has shown, though, once again, that Bedard isn't a legit ace...he's a very good top of the rotation caliber starter who isn't going to be able to work deep into games, or make 32 starts for you in a season, because of his durability issues.