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Wednesday a.m. things

Three games over .500.  And a great game last night, a terrific victory with the bullpen, once again, coming through, allowing just 1 run in 4 innings. 

Evan Grant loves him some Ian Kinsler...Kinsler's 2 strike double off of Mariano Rivera, followed by his steal of third in the 9th, is the focus of Grant's game story.

Eddie Guardado won't be going to the d.l., although Ron Washington hopes to be able to keep from using him tonight and save him until Friday.  And Brandon McCarthy threw a 45 pitch bullpen session yesterday, with Ron Washington saying the next step is to throw to live batters.

Frank Catalanotto and Max Ramirez will both play tonight, Cat at DH, Ramirez at catcher.

Jim Reeves has a column up on Kevin Millwood, saying they need him to be more consistent if they are going to be playoff contenders.