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Sunday morning things

9.5 games out of first place.  6.5 games out of the wild card.  BP puts the Rangers' chance of making the playoffs at 4%.

That's not a terrible place to be in, in what was expected to be a rebuilding season, but I think it is coming clear that this team isn't going to be in a playoff race the last couple of months, and needs to be looking to deal some vets, rather than holding and hoping to make a late run.

Jeff Wilson says the team isn't panicking, and thinks there's plenty of time to get back in the race.  Evan Grant says these past two games have highlighted the problems the Rangers have to deal with. 

Grant also says that roster moves are imminent, with German Duran being sent down today to make room for Vicente Padilla, and Taylor Teagarden and (probably) Warner Madrigal going down on Monday to make room for Eric Hurley and Scott Feldman.  Feldman, Grant says, will be pitching just in relief the rest of the way, with the Rangers wanting to keep his innings total down.

Jim Reeves says the Rangers will probably try to move Hank Blalock and Frank Catalanotto, but otherwise are in a place where they can stand pat at the deadline.  He also talks about the fact that the Rangers have out-performed the Braves since the Mark Teixeira trade (with a hat tip to Jamey Newberg), but also calls the pitcher the Rangers got back "Neftali Perez."