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Michael Inoa is no Ramser Correa

So, following Neftali Feliz's outing the other night got me thinking about Eddie Correa (who was Feliz's age in 1986 when Bobby V. destroyed his arm).

And I started thinking about Eddie's brother Ramser Correa, who I primarily remember because he had some ridiculous bonus demands and never panned out. 

Poking around, I stumbled across this item from SI from 1987:

Ramser Correa, the 16-year-old brother of Ranger pitcher Edwin Correa, says he will sign for nothing less than $225,000, plus a promise that he not be asked to pitch between sundown Fridays and sundown Saturdays (he's a Seventh-Day Adventist), plus a guaranteed major league contract by 1990, plus an invitation to major league spring training next February, plus a $7,500 bonus for making the big leagues, plus four round-trip plane tickets from Puerto Rico to a destination on the mainland annually for five years, plus an '87 black Corvette for himself and a Cutlass Supreme for his father....

$225K was a lot of money back then.

Also, Ramser is a pretty cool name.  If Bethany and I have another son, I think we'll name him Ramser.