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Monday a.m. stuff

The Rangers salvage a win last night with a nice performance from Vicente Padilla and the bullpen.  C.J. Wilson had as much movement on his fastball last night as I can remember him ever having. 

Both Evan Grant's game story, and Jeff Wilson's game story, talk about how Teagarden has impressed with his defense, and may actually have wound up costing him a spot on the Olympic team, as the Rangers may end up sending Max Ramirez down today, while keeping Teagarden up with the major league team.  Grant says that the decision will be made this afternoon, with a lot of it depending on whether Gerald Laird is deemed ready for a rehab assignment after he tests his injured hamstring today. 

I'm not a scout, and don't profess to have any great insights as a result of watching players.  And I'm also aware I may be subject to confirmation bias.  That being said...Teagarden definitely looks different than any of the other Rangers catchers behind the plate, at least to me.  He seems smoother, more graceful back there.  I can see why so many folks ooh and aah over his receiving skills.